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Writing a book is a profoundly challenging task, particularly if you’re not a professional writer.

You can go around and around in circles, struggling to overcome writers’ block and doubting everything you’ve written.

Completing a manuscript can take upwards of 300 hours and without the right guidance and structure in place, it can take many more.

If you have a big idea that you’d like to share with the world, I can help.

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Bringing non-fiction books to life

One on one coaching sessions

One-on-one coaching sessions – choose from three, six or 12 sessions. Together we will break down the different elements of your book, such as refining the overarching message and structuring the content for logical flow.

One-off, hour-long consults icon

One-off, hour-long consults to get your book project back on track. Have you lost confidence, or can’t see how all the pieces fit together? Let’s work through any hurdles you’re encountering.

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Ghostwriting services – I’ll write the manuscript for your book after interviewing you. It’s a time-effective option for those who lack the requisite time to write a book. I’ll deliver your manuscript in around six months.

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Self-publishing services for authors with completed manuscripts. If ISBNs, e-lending rights and trim sizes make your eyes glaze over, Hembury Books can complete the final stage of turning you into a published author.

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Click below to schedule a free 15 minute video call where I can explain different ways that I can help you become a published author.

If you have finished writing your manuscript, I can provide feedback on your first three chapters and explain different publishing options to help you decide what best suits your goals. One hour consultations cost $250 (incl GST).

I can provide ongoing support that will ensure you produce a book that leaves a lasting impression on readers and generates valuable business leads.

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Travel memoirs by Jessica Mudditt

Once Around the Sun

“Whether you’re nostalgic for travels past or long to see the world, Jessica Mudditt’s memoir is a love letter to the unique challenges and delights of backpacking.”

While nursing a broken heart at the age of 25, Jessica Mudditt sets off from Melbourne for a year of solo backpacking through Asia.

She has no idea what she is going to do with the rest of her life. As Jessica travels overland through Southeast Asia and into China, she realises that she doesn’t want her journey to be a one-off. She starts looking for a new life.

From a monks’ dormitory in Laos to the steppes of Inner Mongolia, join Jessica as she travels thousands of kilometres across some of the most beautiful and fascinating parts of the planet.

Published by Hembury Books in March 2024

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Our Home in Myanmar

“An honest, detailed, and well-structured account of the personal and political.” – Kirkus Reviews

Myanmar – shrouded in mystery, misunderstood and isolated for half a century.

After a whirlwind romance in Bangladesh, Australian journalist Jessica Mudditt and her Bangladeshi husband Sherpa arrive in Yangon in 2012 – just as the military junta is beginning to relax its ironclad grip on power. It is a high-risk atmosphere; a life riddled with chaos and confusion as much as it is with wonder and excitement.

Jessica joins a small team of old-hand expat editors at The Myanmar Times, whose Burmese editor is still languishing in prison. Whether she is covering a speech by Aung San Suu Kyi, getting dangerously close to cobras, directing cover shoots with Burmese models, or scaling Bagan’s thousand-year-old temples, Jessica is entranced and challenged by a country undergoing rapid change.

Our Home in Myanmar is available in English and Burmese.

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AUD$28 – Australia
(paperback plus postage)

AUD$38 – Rest of world
(paperback plus postage)

Jess is a formidable writer and storyteller. As her editor, I trust she will tackle some of our most complex and delicate commissions with care and expertise. Tasked with the unique challenge of interviewing some of Australia’s foremost chairs, directors and senior business leaders, Jess showcased an unparalleled ability to extract and weave compelling narratives from her interactions with these industry stalwarts.
Her strength lies in her ability to establish rapport and trust with her subjects, enabling them to share their insights, experiences, and wisdom candidly. Jess possesses a remarkable knack for navigating the complexities of senior leadership narratives, focusing on both their professional milestones and personal journeys, resulting in stories that are both insightful and deeply human.
What’s particularly noteworthy is how Jess delicately balances respect for her interviewee’s position with her journalistic duty to capture the essence of their narrative. She presents the journeys of these industry leaders in an engaging, nuanced, and authentic manner, ensuring that the depth of their experiences is palpably felt by our readers.

Steph D'Souza

Editor-in-Chief of AICD's Company Director Magazine

Jessica filed stories to me as a freelance journalist during the first year of publication of Forbes Australia Magazine. She interviewed a range of entrepreneurs and leading Australian businesspeople, as well as covering the property market. She delivered quality articles and worked well within the team. She was responsive to edit requests and was always professional.

Stewart Hawkins

Managing Editor of Forbes Magazine Australia

Jess filed freelance articles for me when I was an editor at Forbes Australia and when I moved to Company Director magazine, I discovered she was already entrenched as a writer and I was very happy to continue our successful relationship.
Jess is the ultimate professional. She is incredibly dedicated to crafting the best story for the commission. She listens, asks questions and is a fabulous communicator, enthusiastic in her work, timely in her filing, and has excellent attention to detail. I highly recommend Jess.

Elise Shaw

Managing Editor at Company Director Magazine

Richard McBride

Editor of CFO Magazine
“As she is a seasoned journalist who has worked all around the world and an author of two published books, I turned to Jessica for a coaching session on a writing project when I was looking for someone. Her advice was practical, do-able and to the point. In addition, her price was reasonable. I would seek out Jess’s help again and also recommend her any time to any one.”

Amy Fallon